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Rachel: Hot Irish Transvestite!

Hello! I am a classy transvestite who loves to have steamy sex sessions and film them!

Fed-up with the air-brushed, over-produced and over-acted tranny sex videos on the web? Then check out Rachel's web videos. All MY videos are amateur with no manipulation and maximum true tranny sex action exactly as it happens. All videos and stills are of actual encounters, there are no staged scenes. It is the ultimate tranny sex voyeur experience!

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I LOVE tributes (please send me one) and here is one from an admirer in Sheridan, Idaho!


Recent additions - many of these videos are on my Manyvids.com and Clips4sale.com sites! More to follow!!

Shorty: Watch the sub get whipped!

Admirer Paddy feasts on TV cock and gets a dildo up him! Happy boy!!

TV slut kneels and sucks two cocks at once!


Rachel's first ever pee play video! Watch her pee over F, who wanks herself off, then give F a facial! While F is sniffing her soiled panties she can't help but cum! (n.b. F is a dry cummer)

Rachel enjoys oral sex!!

Link to my BirchPlace Pay-Per-view videos page:

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Just SOME of the over 100 other goodies either already uploaded to my video sites or soon to be so!!!:

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Schoolgirl Rachel is allowed to suck teacher's cock. Then teacher gets rachel on the table and rides her!! rsksf_frdsr Mistress Rachel always love a stream of hot cum on her face!! N_fac_R The sub gets on her knees and sucks mistress's cock!! N_sks_R
Rachel's boots are worshipped, then the stiletto heels torture a cock! cbt_boot_lick_heel The sub licks Rachel's boots and then has her cock wanked between them! boot_lick_trap Rachel takes cock out of the sub's panties and displays her oral powers! R_cross_sk
Rachel's sub from Waterford delivers a good shagging! Nic_fksR Paddy's cock feels so good in Rachel's mouth! Rachel just can't get enough of it! She spent a lot of time on her knees with it in her warm mouth, pausing each time Paddy seemed like he was going to shoot his load (Rachel wanted that load flooding her pussy!) Paddy took a few photos of Rachel gratelfully looking up at him, his cock in her mouth. He can add this slut to his collection of transvestite cocksuckers! rskss_landing Schoolgirl Rachel, in her tiny grey pleated school miniskirt, receives nice hand job and a suck.....! sg_wnk_or
Three-way cock fun for Paddy! seam3waybj PVC-clad sub M has her bottom bared and felt. Then she is forced to kneel and lick and kiss Rachel's bulging panties. Then she has Rachel's cock thrust in her mouth to suck.... msksr Fun on the table for two TVs! Rimming, sucking....! rm_tabplay
F goes wild sucking Rachel's cock - and Rachel reciprocates! mut_o
Admirer fucks transvestite sub slut M! The admirer has a huge cock and it hurts M when he goes in, even though well-lubed, but she loves the rest of the ride! When he comes, the admirer thrusts his cock in all the way!!! jrdsm175
Rachel done from behind on the bed! Paddy is in vigorous mood! Not content with shagging Rachel over the banister, he leads her to the bedroom for another fuck! This time doggy on the bed. Watch as Rachel pushes back into him in order to get every inch of that lovely cock as deep in as possible into her tranny pussy! srdsr_bed
A new meaning to Roger/Bannister! Watch as Rachel is lubed up, rimmed and then mercilessly fucked to completion by Paddy! This was Rachelís best fuck for a long time! bannister_fk Hot white stream! Rachel drops her satin panties and shoots a load into them! Rachel slinks out of her very tight (tailormade!) skirt and shows off her pink satin panties, rubbing the she-cock beneath them. Then she makes sure you have a good view of her lowering her panties and starting to stroke her cock. And what better use for panties than for wanking into! And what a bit stream of hot she-cock juice she sends into them! Why don't you watch and wank along!? rach_wk ** HOT TVs! Schoolgirl and pretty little girl get intimate! Schoolgirl Rachel and Jessica, dressed in her pretty pink little-girl dress, kiss and play with each other on the bed! A nice, long and tender session. Jessica is wearing very naughty panties, which have a specially-made hole in them for easy access! Watch the two girls French kiss and fondle! Jessica LOVES having her nipples teased! rj_kiss_wnk_pnkdrss
Gagged TV escort slut doggy-fucked by Rachel! Loads of close-up tranny sex action! Rachel is still randy from shagging Jessica earlier on, so can't resist entering her one more time for a quick doggy-style fuck. And Jessica still has the gag on, so can't protest - not that this TV slut would as she can never get enough cock! Jessica wanks Rachel's cock to make sure it is fully hard before kneeling up on the bed and presenting her pussy for Rachel to fuck. Rachel is so charged up she shoots her load after a short ride! That's just how sexy a girl Jessica is! And her pussy expands well to take Rachel's thick she-cock, no surprise as she has had literally hundreds of guys up her! And the gag makes sure her moans are muted! Rachel only removes the slut's gag at the end after she withdraws and turns the slut round for a missionary-style fucking (see separate video!) rrdsjdogsecondtimesml Rachel rims and fingers Jessica's ass-pussy! Jessica is wearing Rachel's special pink, frilly ass-fuck panties. These have a nice hole round the back so gentlemen don't even have to take Rachel's panties down to give her a good fucking! However, they do have another advantage - when Jessica wears them they expose her ass-pussy to Rachel's long and tender tongue! Jessica loves the delicate and moist feel of Rachel's tongue gently lapping at her pussy entrance! And Rachel. of course, can't resist wanking herself while she's fingering Jessica! Then Rachel slides the panties down ever so slightly so her tongue can go even deeper....... rm ** Gagged t-girl plays with Rachel's cock! The sissyboi would love to put Rachel's she-cock in her mouth and is frustrated because that penis gag prevents her from doing so! She has to make do with wanking Rachel and stroking her balls, then diligently preparing Rachel's she-cock with a condom and some lube. The slut gets into doggy position and wanks Rachel hard in the hope that she can at least get some cock in her sissyboi pussy..... jgag_playsml
Transvestite schoolgirl submits to femboi's cock! sgrsksj_rlie For gag enthusiasts! Rachel puts her penis gag onto sexy TV escort Jessica, lifting her natural blonde hair to buckle it firmly behind her head. This really turns Jessica on for her she-cock emerge from under her mini-skirt and it is rock-hard! Rachel slips her denim miniskirt off and lets Jessica nuzzle her panty-covered cock. Jessica is deperate to slip Rachel's cock into her mouth so the gag removed for a few minutes so she can pleasure rachel orally. then back on so she can't scream when Rachel penetrates her anally with her thick cock, just to tease her and open her up! Then off, but she has been a bad slut so back on so I can fuck her again!! PASTE filename Rachel sucks client - and both shoot their loads! Close up of Rachel lifting her sexy minikilt and wanking her she-cock. With a sock on her hand! (special request!) She takes the client into her mouth, nicely filmed from below, and brings him to the point of cumming. But he likes to watch Rachel cum, so she explodes her load at the camera - then he comes all over her stocking tops. A real hot session, dripping with hot cum!! scum_ovr_r
CD Sissified, dildoed and permitted to squirt a facial onto Rachel! jne_dil_fac Deviant's Delight! T-girl Rachel on her back, being fucked hard, again jrdsr_ronback Reality TV! - 4 mins of unremitting, hard-core TV anal sex! A very hot session! denrdsmx
Genuine close-up action as Rachel is fucked doggy-style by t-escort! jrdsr_bedend_dg175 For sock n' cock fetishists! Video made by special request. Rachel wanks using socks of ever-increasing roughness! Hear her moan as the stimulation becomes almost too much! Full commentary and great close-up shots of a transvestite sock wanking! sock1 For sock n' cock fetishists! Part two: Sock Play and Cumshot filmed by client! Watch as Rachel wanks her she-cock with a sock covering her hand - simultaneously sucking the client's cock. Culminates in a massive, close-up cum shot. sock2
Epic tranny escort shagfest!Two TV escorts await their first client, and decide to do a bit of warming up!!

rrdsjdog After shagging Rachel, Rachel grants D. her fantasy wish, wanking a huge load of cum all over her face! Watch CLOSE-UP as it shoots out and dribbles down her face and mouth! (16MB)

fac.jpg HOT! And close-up! Tranny schoolgirl Rachel goes down on Jessica for a tender sucking session on the bed!

Schoolgirl trannie sucks off t-girl teacher! Schoolteacher (for that she is too) Jessica gave Rachel a huge surprise when she reveled what she had hidden underneath her skirt! Now that Rachel knows, Jessica likes to lie back on the bed and relax as schoolgirl Rachel kneels beside her and takes her she-cock tenderly into her mouth. Rachel does not care that her school skirt rides up and exposes her stocking tops and panties - just as long as that hot cock can stay in her mouth! (23MB) sgrsksj_jlie Transvestite face-sitting and cock rubbing fiesta! Rachel, in her skin-tight, thigh-high leather boots, mounts Jessica's face and forces her to suck tranny cock! rsitfcej_bothwnk Force femmed! Sexy t-girls in VERY tight skirts kiss and suck! blj_plus_ks_c4ssml
** Double wank cumshot with real TV escorts! jcumsml ** Hot, erotic cock play with TV escorts Rachel and Jessica! cktouch175.jpg Real-life TV hooker Jessica playing with herself - dressed in MY maid's costume! jmaidwnk175.jpg
Close-up action: TV Schoolgirl slut forced to suck cock! sgrsksj_closesml.jpg Bad TV schoolgirl Rachel has been caught doing naughty things, so has deserved a good spanking! spnksml Though wearing a collar and chain, the slut does not need much encouragement to French kiss! den_ks_hol_chain.jpg
MONSTER Strap-on and Fingering Fun on the bed with Motel TV Whore! s_h25may175.jpg For lovers of sexy TV feet and stockings - and cock! Rachel allows the slut's she-cock to peek out of her panties. Then she gently teases it with her stockinged feet until the slut is on the point of coming! feet_touchsml.jpg Actual Motel Room Footage of TV Whore doing her business! Ouch! just feel that whip hit flesh! conf5_rwhpssml.jpg
** Video:TWO TV whores service Polish truck driver, Marek! hskslsml.jpg ** TV Whore wanks with client in motel - he comes over her white lace stocking tops! srwnk2febsml.jpg ** Video: See the naughty tranny girls fuck in a variety of positions! holly_s_p175.jpg
** Video: Three-way tranny cock fun! hksd_hskd.jpg ** Video: Client gets TV Whore Rachel's full oral attention! rskss25maysml ** Delicatessen tranny suck session - in close-up! holly_sksml.jpg
** Video: Marek, my Polish truck driver client, wants to finish off his session by cumming all over me! Watch as he wanks a huge load all over my breast! lcmr175 ** Video: Hotel TV Tart gives client blow job - watch in close-up! hskss25maysml.jpg ** HOT! Rachel, in her skimpy lingerie, lubes up her favourite dildo and pleasures herself. This makes her so excited that she can't resist wanking her girly cock until she squirts her load! vibwnk
** BEST video yet of Rachel being (rather violently) fucked! Dee really works her cock in and out of Rachel's pussy!! drdsr25may Video: Mistress kisses, then whips, her sub! See the weals rise! rwhph25may Two sexy transvestites lying on the bed, kissing and fondling each other's she-cocks.

** Video: Ouch! Holly takes Rachel's biggest strap-on! Watch in intimate detail as she moans at such deep anal penetration! rstrph25may ** Video: For lovers of sexy TV feet in silk stockings! See Rachel's sub worship and kiss Rachel's stockinged feet! feetks ** Video: Oral and wanking fun on the bed with Rachel! Ending in orgasm! conf4_rrdss
** Video: Oh dear! Rachel is on her knees - again! conf3_rbjs Photo set: Prime wanking material in one place! A compendium of photos of Rachel fucking and being fucked!! fsml.jpg ** Video: Fun on the bed with Rachel! conf2_rsbedsml.jpg
** Video: See how hard Rachel can get D.'s cock! So she can fuck rachel, of course! dckaftersit175.jpg ** Video: Holly looks really hot in the thigh-length leather boots, so Rachel whips Holly's beautiful bubble butt and then inserts her biggest dildo into her pussy! honbackdilsml.jpg ** Video: Rachel starts to insert her dildo and the ever-helpful Holly offers to help! hdilrsml.jpg
** Rachel gives Holly tender oral love! rbjhsml ** Voyeur camera! See Holly undress! holly undress ** Video: Close oral action as D gets a cock in her mouth and another in her hand! d2ck
** Rachel is the cover girl on the Maryland Slut Whores Group! Click here to visit the group! Maryland sluts n' whores ** Video: Holly on the bed, face down and her pussy at Rachel's mercy! rdilhfacedownsml ** Video: The sub slut gets (another) BJ! bljpart2.jpg
** Video: Holly gives D glorious oral sex! (and Rachel shags her while she is doing it!) hbjd ** Video shorty: The beautiful instant of pussy penetration. rslideh ** Video: H sits on D's lap - and takes the full length of her cock! hrdsd
** Long Video: See Rachel being shagged senseless! drdsr ** Video: Video shorty: See Rachel's whip being used at full force on a tied-up t-girl!! rwhph ** New in free gallery pix: Phillipino female nympho who loves sex with TVs and who loves to chat dirty on Yahoo! sofia
** Video: Holly with both holes filled - Rachel and D Spit-roast Holly ! rdspith ** Video: Rachel ties Holly to the bed and attends to her ass (Holly has the sexiest ass you've ever seen)! rtieh175 ** Video: Nurse H is strapped to the bed whipped, lubed and taken by Rachel's strap-on! rstrph175
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Video: Rachel's lifts her kilt to show that she really isn't wearing panties! She bends over to show to the gentlemen just what she has to offer! lift kilt ** Video: Rachel receives a very professional blow job from H!! H gives R great BJ ** video: What could be lovelier than two sexy t-girls kissing and letting their hands wander up under each others skirts!! Rachel kiss J
** PIX: Rachelís new pink satin panties (and what is underneath them!) on show. pink satin panties ** New video: Rachel on her knees, again, administering oral love to a sexy sub t-girl!! Rachel BJ J ** New video: Rachel does a sub! And, girl, does she enjoy it! Rachel does sub
** New video shorty: Shackled and handcuffed, Monica's mouth is available for Rachel's cock! First she sucks me some, then I take her cock out (so small I can hardly find it). She is wanked off and, as a reward for her good behaviour, I come on her face. R brings M off ** New pix: Rachel teases in her maids uniform. I wonder if she is wearing any panties yet?! maid
** Video: Rachel's hand slides down inside her mini-kilt. And she is not wearing any panties!! hand in kilt
** Photo set: Rachel and Shirley get down to it! We both enjoy nothing better than a good shag! S and R
** Photo set: K gets her mouth, and pussy, filled! Have a look at this glorious t-girl spit roasting! K spitted
** Video shorty: Tangible tongue tip cock pleasure! Rachel's cock tip gets delicately licked by a sub! cock tip licking
** Video for dildo fans only: Client enjoys watching Rachel doing herself with a dildo! Very nice commentry from him as sits and wanks while he watches! dildo fun
** Having a slut on chain is pretty handy when you want her to suck or wank. And a taste of the switch or whip keeps her in line! Whip fun

** Trailer: Rachel has a very satisfying ride with Shirley! I have not yet produced the full video, but here is a short trailer! Rachel does S

** Rachel undoes the front of her corset and allows the chained slut Monica full access to suckle her nipples! Nipple Love
** Rachel wanks into Monica's grateful, open mouth! M cim
** Video, pix and story! Sucking fun with Julia, my wannabe TV prostitute who sometimes helps me with group sessions. J streetwalker
** Video: The slut gets a noose round her neck, is strung up and has her tiny cock sucked by my sissy client! Then takes a mouthload! M noose
** Video shorty: I get my hand up Monica's tiny skirt to get her hard for her next ordeal - strung up on the noose and sucked off!
hand up skirt
** Video shorty: Monica gets the full length of Rachel's dildo to warm her up and get her pussy lubed and stretched for my strap-on and, later, cock!

R dildos M
** The feminised slut gets her panties removed and put up on the bed in doggy fashion, pussy fully exposed and ready to be used.

Then my biggest strap-on is lubed up and its full length is rammed into the slut's pussy! Just as well I opened her out previously with my dildo!
R rides m with strap-on ** Rachel's girlfriend Shirley loves nothing better than sucking TV cock. No, wait! There is one thing she likes even better, and that is sucking a sexy TV cock while being shagged from behind! Shirley just loves a good spit roasting! Shirl spitted ** "She is collared, cuffed at wrist and ankle and made to feel totally subservient. It doesnít take her long to realize how much she might actually enjoy this, particularly as she finds herself strangely very attracted to her lovely elegant new black leather clad Mistress.

Initially she becomes a good slut, slave and maid for Mistress's use and pleasure, but ultimately she will be exactly that for her new Master. From then on she will have to learn to have his pleasure and sexual needs as her sole focus........"

Read this slut's subservient mails to me and her whole fantasy story in the member section.
Rachel's rides slut Monica
** The slut Monica has her ankles chained together and her wrists handcuffed. She is lying on the bed, pussy at the ready, wet, lubed and waiting for Rachel to fuck it! Rachel's rides slut Monica ** Rachel's slut Monica uses her red-lipsticked mouth to good effect on Rachel's hard cock!
Rachel's PVC slut Monica gives R a BJ ** Rachel uses a slut called Monica for an evening to help service clients. Here is a short video of her being warmed up by preparing a very fat client. The client like to be in the video, but only if his face does not appear. He is not worried about his body or his tiny, pathetic cock being visible though! As the T-shirt slogan goes "I have the body of a god. Too bad it's Buddha."

Rachel's PVC slut Monica takes over oral duties with a client!!
** Rachel's TV friend takes Rachel from behind, doggy fashion .... just a few stills from a very enjoyable evening. BJ video to follow!
Rachel's PVC slut Julia takes over oral duties with a client!! ** Rachel's PVC slut Julia takes over oral duties with a client!!
Rachel's PVC slut Julia takes over oral duties with a client!! She really rapes his mouth with her cock and forces him to take the full length! ** New SIZZLING Video. After riding Rachel in various positions on the bed, slut client D (she just LOVES being filmed doing it!) bends Rachel over a chair and does her from behind. Rachels pussy is open for it and D slides in very easily. All the while, Rachel rubs herself.
After the long blow job D got and all the shagging on the bed (pix to follow) D can't hold back for long and after only two minutes (count it folks!) she shoots a huge load into my wet pussy! While she is cleaning up, Rachel turns to the camera and finishes herself off by hand!!
Rachel gets done over a chair from behind
** Rachel uses her strap-on!!! It is long, and thick - and the clients LOVE it!!
Rachel uses strap-on on D ** Rachel receives a terrific shagging from Wendy!
Wendy fucking Rachel! ** Rachel gives sub Wendy a handjob

......and many more!!!!!!!

Wendy getting handjob (grainy video)!
** Shirley uses her mouth to pleasure Rachel!
3-way suck! ** Rachel opens up Shirley's pussy with a quick fuck. Then they move to a full fucking session.
S fucks Rachel ** Shirley just can't resist giving Rachel a quick shag before the festivities start!
S fucks Rachel
** My girlfriends S. and K. getting VERY amorous with each other at a recent get-together in Ireland!!!
S K ** Rachel in 3-way sucking scene!!
3-way pic ** S. sucks Rachel plus another girl!!
doub pic
** Rachel comes all over the camera!! Just watch this huge stream of glorious cream! A real mouth filler! Or an ass filler if you wanted to kneel on the bed and let me flip up your tranny skirt and pull you panties to one side! C'mon, I know you are dying for that, you can't hide it!
c pic ** P. milks her friend into a glass and drinks her cum!!!
drink milk! ** P. gives S. a long, slow BJ!!!
** Rachel the maid has fun with 3 TV friends! Watch a double sucking event! Two TVs on their knees sucking off Rachel and her TV GF at this party in Ireland.!!
frenzy ** P has long, sensuous wank in her very best wedding dress while waiting for her "best man" to give her a seeing to before the ceremony!
bridal Paddy arrives for his promised shag! And he gets his both hands up Rachel's skirt right away and has a good feel of her bum! Then more groping, kissing and Rachel and Paddy suck each other! He is well set up for that which is to follow! greet_grpe_ks_osml
Hot, creamy facial for Rachel! Rachel wanks Paddy to get him hard again after the last fuck, then sucks him to make sure he is on a hair trigger and then invites him to unload all over her face and chest! Rachel loves her creamy reward! srfac Exposed slut Lauren from Baltimore (near the harbor if you want to have her) is filmed by her husband getting fucked by a guy...! lauren_fucked Schoolgirl Rachel has her bottom spanked hard until it is very red. Teacher then uses her own dildo on Rachel's ass pussy!! f_spnk_dil_r

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